Birthday bumps

Today happens to be my birthday! 31 years old, and somehow already a year has passed since I celebrated the big three-oh with friends in a cave, enjoying lunch at the Hand and Heart pub in Nottingham.

This year was dim sum at Man’s Restaurant in Nottingham, equally fun and delicious. 30 was a really good year, and I have high expectations for 31.

Upon checking, I share a birthday with a pretty diverse list of ‘famous’ people… from royalty, to actors, from Condolezza Rice, to sports stars, from murder victims to Miss Americas, and not forgetting Rev Run from Run DMC.

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham’s fantastic contemporary art gallery, Nottingham Contemporary, turns three years old today. They are celebrating with a special birthday lunch, to which people with the same birthday were also invited (unfortunately I can’t attend due to being at another event for work today). The Contemporary is an amazing art space, and hosts brilliant international contemporary art year round, plus its free to visit and has great events for families.

Kafou: Haiti, art and vodou

I highly recommend their current exhibition, Kafou, which is the largest ever exhibition of Haitian art in the UK, and explores this Caribbean island’s tumultuous history, and belief in vodou. It’s on til 6 January, so hopefully you can make time to go and see it.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles rocking it in NZ

Prince Charles turns 64 today, and is in New Zealand for his birthday this year. To celebrate, he invited 64 New Zealand locals who share his birthday to join him for a birthday lunch, where they played When I’m 64 by the Beatles and enjoyed cake decorated with images of ‘a silver fern, jandals, hokey pokey ice cream and a tomato squeeze bottle’. Hooray for NZ showing him a good time!

Tonight I’m being taken for dinner at a Nepalese restaurant nearby, which comes highly recommended. Lucky me!

I hope you have a top Wednesday ahead too.


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