Two reasons why today rocks.

So today, Wednesday 7 November 2012, happens to be a very good day.

I woke up this morning to the news that Barack Obama has been voted in as president of the United States for another four years. As an unashamed ‘leftie’ and big believer in Obama’s talents, this news made me happy. As I listened to his stirring acceptance speech while doing my morning yoga, he made each sun salutation more hopeful, each downward dog pose more calm and assured.

Surely no one could disagree that Obama is a brilliant orator. His eloquent acceptance speech managed to be modest, inspiring, fair, proud, stirring, thoughtful and passionate, all at once.

Beautiful Obama family

I am not American, and I don’t live in the United States, but I can’t help but be caught up in this good news. For one of the world’s biggest powers to have a liberal president is an important thing for us all. As an Australian, political moments like this remind me of how small we are when it comes to political clout. Although our Prime Minister Julia Gillard has of course offered her congratulations. This piece on the Guardian about the win is also worth a read.

It seems timely that I spent last night at Nottingham Playhouse watching Of Mice and Men, the classic John Steinbeck piece set in a time of 1930s depression, the struggles of which will resonate with many people living in the world today. I’d not seen the play or read the book before and I absolutely loved it. Lennie and George are such brilliant characters, and the Playhouse production was spot on in its casting, set and acting. So powerful, I was in floods of tears at the end – slightly embarrassing given most of the theatre goers were teenagers there on a school outing.

The other reason for today being a very happy day, is that it is our three-year wedding anniversary. Our ‘leather’ anniversary as it were.

Wedding bouquet

It was three years ago that I woke full of excitement to a beautiful sunny Sydney day, and prepared for our ‘big day’. We said our vows in a hilltop park overlooking Sydney Harbour, and celebrated well into the night at the Bondi Beach surf life savers club.

Three years on, I do love reminiscing about the day, and how much fun it was. But for Mr H and I, it was more about the marriage than the wedding. We couldn’t wait to commit to spending our lives together, and the party itself was not the most important thing. I hadn’t been a girl who dreamt of her wedding, but when the time came I can’t deny I loved the dressing up and spending the day with all of our loved ones on a beautiful Australian spring day.

Sydney cliff tops

Although it’s passed by quickly in many senses, we’ve also experienced a lot in our three years together as husband and wife. We’ve moved countries, changed careers, started full time study, achieved huge sporting feats (Mr H swimming 19km in Fiji springs to mind!), made new friends and lost some very special loved ones.


I’m grateful that all of this has brought us even closer, and I’m also grateful to all of our parents, for offering such great examples of how to be happily married and remain as ‘love birds’ as my Mum put it to us this morning, for decades.

I’ve written a few things about weddings for Any Other Woman – a website that I wish I had access to when we got married. It is full of thoughtful words from clever ladies (and gents) about love and life. You can read my posts on food and hen dos as part of their Any Other Woman A – Z of getting married.

Happy Wednesday to you x